At its peak around March and April, the SSD Reviews Friday articles were getting a few hundred page views over the week, but unfortunately the interest has dropped to the point where last Friday’s article (10th June) received just 14 views, making it no longer worth the 2 to 3 hours of effort each Friday building the review list and writing the article. Continue reading »


Over the past few couple of weeks, most of the reviews were focusing on a few specific SSDs such as the Intel 510, OCZ Vertex 3 and the Crucial M4.  This week, there is finally a nice variety of reviews including a Corsair Force F40, Memoright FTM-25, Silicon Power V20 and even a few USB3 flash drives.  Continue reading »


The reviews this week are mainly focused around the popular high end drives – The Crucial M4, OCZ Vertex 3 and the OCZ Agility 3.  Reviews of others drives are quiet this week, likely due to the Computex event in Taipei. Continue reading »


With 22 SSD reviews, this has been the busiest week I’ve come across to date and even ran out of time to get this article writen by the end of Friday (Irish Time)!  10 of these reviews are OCZ, along with a couple of Patriot Torqx 2 reviews. Continue reading »


With OCZ’s recent launch of its Vertex 3 max IOPS SSD, there are three reviews published at this time of writing.  This SSD aims to improve upon the original flagship SATA3 Vertex 3 claiming up to 75,000 random write IOPS.  The current reviews include replay traces to simulate heavy real world use as well as the usual AS SSD and CDM tests. KitGuru’s review also includes Windows start-up and application launch timings, comparing it with other drives. Continue reading »


Forget the superstition, grab a cuppa and get set for some SSD review reading, as you’ll be happy to know that SSD reviews have picked up again this week. ;-)   With the announcement of Intel’s new 311 SSD and reviewers getting their hands on motherboards featuring the Z68 chipset, this week there have been a few taking a look at how well this cache solution performs.  AnandTech also tested it along with the 40GB Corsair F40 and Benchmark Reviews tested the Intel 311 SSD on its own. Continue reading »


There’s a nice pick-up in reviews again this week, including three full reviews of the retail OCZ Vertex 3 by AnandTech and TweakTown, one of the most powerful SATA SSDs available today.  Unfortunately for those looking to read reviews with real world testing, Hardware Canucks is the only one to run such tests, such as Windows start-up, copying files and so on..  The rest just of the reviews resorted to replaying read/write traces or scripted tests that simulate a very busy terminal server. Continue reading »


Just 4 SSD reviews and a RAID SSD review this week, again making it quietest week this year for SSD reviewing.  This is possibly also due to the Easter where reviewers are taking time out than in front of the PC doing their write-up.  Anyway, this week includes 4 reviews of different drives and a RAID card with 8 Micro C300′s at RAID level 5. Continue reading »


For the week leading up to Easter, this has been the quietest period I’ve seen for SSD reviews since last year, with just three in-depth reviews along with a combined review at Gizmodo looking at the top 4 SATA3 SSDs.  All but one were published on the 20th April. Continue reading »


On April 12th, the Mac and PC technology company Other World Computing (OWC) has pre-released its Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD to its four preferred benchmark websites that carry out Solid State Reviews, so its SATA3 SandForce SF-2281 processor based 120GB SSD has become the highlight of the week. Continue reading »

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