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I started off as a news editor for CD Freaks in 2003 when I was invited to become a volunteer. By 2005, I started carrying out product reviews and became a moderator on their forum. In 2009 when they broadened their topics to include consumer electronics and not just CD/DVD related, I decided to leave the news team and started focusing more on product reviews and forum moderation. With things quietening up early this year, I decided to have a go at creating my own news blog, SSD Freaks, this time focusing on SSD related news. I still intend carrying out product reviews for MyCE, which will include SSD Freaks.


Some may or may not remember the user DoMiN8ToR at MyCE, he’s the original founder of CD Freaks, which rebranded as MyCE a few years ago.  With him now the new owner, I’ve been invited back, which I’ve accepted.  For any further press releases/news I receive, I’ll write about them at MyCE.

E-mail your document to [email protected].

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MyCE published an in-depth review of OCZ’s latest SSD, the Vertex 4, with its Indilinx Everest 2 controller claiming to handle up to 85K 4K IOPS and 120K maximum IOPS. This SSD sure sets a milestone, unaffected by data compressibility or shallow queue depths and probably the first SATA based SSD to score in excess of 1100 in AS SSD without RAID. Continue reading »


RunCore, a company which specialises in SSD products for consumers, industrial products, enterprise and defense told us that they will be displaying their latest SSD offerings at CeBIT 2012, the world’s largest IT fair in Hannover, Germany.  They will be located in Hall 11, Booth A11-1-5-1 from the 6th to the 10th of March. Continue reading »


Greenliant Systems, a company which specialises in miniature energy efficient secure SSD products has announced production of its industrial grade SATA NANDrive.  The NANDrive is currently available in a choice of 2GB, 4GB and 8GB, all SLC and features a 145 ball-pin BGA for mounting to a system motherboard.  Being a non-removable soldered-on drive, it is designed for long-term installation such as robotics, automotive and military systems. Continue reading »


When I first got my Samsung N120 Netbook, I really liked its compact size, very long battery life and how well it handles even heavy multimedia websites. With the lengthy time it took to open the web browser, launch applications and go into and out of hibernation, I knew it was time to replace its HDD with something quicker.

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At a first glance, Corsair’s latest SSD the Performance Pro may not seem anything exceptional with read/write figures similar to SandForce 2 based SSDs, but what makes it stand out is its ability to deliver its performance regardless of compressibility of the data.  According to Corsair’s blog, its built-in advanced background garbed collection allows it to consistently perform even without the help of TRIM, such as in a RAID configuration. Continue reading »


The SSD Review has sent in two review announcements, one of the AData S510 SATA 3 120GB 2.5″ internal SSD and another of their first exclusive look at the Super Talent PCIe 200GB SSD, an enterprise class drive.  Continue reading »


SanDisk has introduced a new series of SSDs the SanDisk Ultra® targeted at the retail market claiming to offer excellent price/performance, extend the life of desktop and portable computers, greater durability and more efficient power consumption over a traditional hard disk. Continue reading »


At its peak around March and April, the SSD Reviews Friday articles were getting a few hundred page views over the week, but unfortunately the interest has dropped to the point where last Friday’s article (10th June) received just 14 views, making it no longer worth the 2 to 3 hours of effort each Friday building the review list and writing the article. Continue reading »


Over the past few couple of weeks, most of the reviews were focusing on a few specific SSDs such as the Intel 510, OCZ Vertex 3 and the Crucial M4.  This week, there is finally a nice variety of reviews including a Corsair Force F40, Memoright FTM-25, Silicon Power V20 and even a few USB3 flash drives.  Continue reading »

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