SSD Questions – Where’s the discussion forum?


If you need any help, just start a thread either at the forum of The SSD Review or Club Myce.  Honestly, it doesn’t cost anything and very seldom does a question go unanswered with their regular helpers.  Club Myce is also ad free once logged in, a good reason to join.

The SSD Review specialises in SSD products, especially technical discussions such as RAID configuration and have various SSD optimisation guides.  Club Myce specialises in data storage in general and has long been known for specialising in optical drives and blank media, starting from when it was formerly CDFreaks.  Now they also cover other removable media including USB storage as well as SSDs and HDDs.

If you get a reply from the user Seán on either forum, that’s me! :-)

As I actively take part as an admin on both forums as a hobby, I have decided against creating yet another forum here and hence why this site has become inactive now.


  2 Responses to “SSD Questions – Where’s the discussion forum?”

  1. I replaced my hard drive in my HP presario cq 56 with a OCZ vertex3 ssd, but after i run the recovery disc the computer does’t to load from the ssd. THERE IS NO ADVANCED MENU ON THE BIOS SCREEN so i can change the settings. All of my drivers and bios are up to date, How can i find the advanced bios screen?
    w7 64bit, pesaroi cq56.

  2. Why haven’t you reviewed any of Plextor’s SSDs since early 2011, and do you plan on reviewing any of their latest offerings..?!

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