At its peak around March and April, the SSD Reviews Friday articles were getting a few hundred page views over the week, but unfortunately the interest has dropped to the point where last Friday’s article (10th June) received just 14 views, making it no longer worth the 2 to 3 hours of effort each Friday building the review list and writing the article. Continue reading »


Over the past few couple of weeks, most of the reviews were focusing on a few specific SSDs such as the Intel 510, OCZ Vertex 3 and the Crucial M4.  This week, there is finally a nice variety of reviews including a Corsair Force F40, Memoright FTM-25, Silicon Power V20 and even a few USB3 flash drives.  Continue reading »


The reviews this week are mainly focused around the popular high end drives – The Crucial M4, OCZ Vertex 3 and the OCZ Agility 3.  Reviews of others drives are quiet this week, likely due to the Computex event in Taipei. Continue reading »


Kingston has finally taken on the SandForce SSD processor with the launch of its new HyperX SSDs, featuring the SandForce SF-2281 SATA3 processor using Intel 25nm Compute NAND and in capacities of 120GB and 240GB. Continue reading »


Samsung launched two new Solid State Drives targeted at tablets and ultra-thin laptops, the U100 and the i100.  Samsung claims its i100 SSD to be the world’s smallest and fastest SATA3 BGA-based SSD. Continue reading »

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