Foremay has unveiled the smallest Solid State Drive on chip, which is a complete NAND based SSD on a 22 x 22 mm chip, supporting the standard IDE or SATA host interface.  Being a chip, it is ideal for miniaturised computers such as handheld computers and ultra thin/light and rugged laptops. Continue reading »


This has been yet another busy week for SSD reviews, but unlike previous weeks, no more than two focused on any specific model.  Interestingly the 23rd has been a busy day with 6 reviews published that day alone, but again on different products.   The majority of SSD reviews this week are SATA based, one including an SATADIMM SSD which plugs in a DIMM slot, but operates via SATA.  Continue reading »


OCZ is proud to announce that it has shipped its 1 millionth solid state drive.  It was only back in 2008 that OCZ started selling its SSDs and now it has come to the point where OCZ makes most of its revenue from SSDs alone. Continue reading »


While there are a wide range of disk and partition cloning utilities available, many users may not realise that Windows 7 has its own disk imaging utility that is just as effective, but with the advantage of not costing anything to use.  The user just needs either an external HDD or a second internal hard disk, the SSD to clone to and either a blank CD-R or the Windows 7 OS installation disc. Continue reading »


While it’s usual to hear about product launches being delayed, Intel is so confident with its 320 SSD series (Postville Refresh) that it will be bringing forward the launch of this range to March 28th.  This range is set to replace its current X25-V and X25-M range with the same price point targeted at consumers, businesses and enterprise users. Continue reading »


Several weeks after the first Intel 510 SSD reviews, these reviews are still going steady with the latest reviews over the past week by PC Pro, Hardware Heaven and The Guru of 3D.  Interestingly this is the first week since we started our review Friday series that we haven’t seen a single PCIe based SSD review. Continue reading »


OCZ Technology has announced that it will acquire Indilinx, a flash controller provider for Solid State Drives for $32 million of OCZ common stock.  Indilinx is based on South Korea and provides flash controllers to SSD manufacturers and OEMs for use in embedded products, including laptops and PCs.  Continue reading »


With the recent excitement of the second generation SandForce based SSDs released by OCZ, it seems like some were looking to go a lot further with two reviews involving a RAID set up over the past week, one by The SSD Review involving a high end RAID controller and another by Legit Reviews with on-board RAID. Continue reading »


From the time the first consumer SSDs became available a few years ago, there have been regular stories saying that next year will be the year they become mainstream with the help of falling prices.  Today, SSDs are still seen as a luxury despite how much their prices have come down, so what makes them appear so expensive? Continue reading »


With the recent launch of OCZ’s 2nd generation SandForce based drives, it was only just a matter of time for some competition.  Sure enough SuperTalent and Patriot have unveiled their latest SandForce SF-2200 based SSDs, with an SATA 3.0 interface and claiming up to 500MB/s performance. Continue reading »

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