Intel has updated its SSD recommendations, which now mention its new 510 series of solid state drives.  They describe these SSDs as designed for the “enthusiast consumer client PC”.  These SSDs will be available in capacities of 120GB and 250GB. Continue reading »


In the past, we wrote a story for each review we announced, but with the ever increasing number of SSD reviews being published on a wide range of hardware websites, we have now decided to collect the links and announce these each Friday in a story that we call SSD Reviews Friday.  All the full reviews listed here include benchmarks and some also include real world tests. Continue reading »


Dell believes that this is not going to be the year for SSD, with customers preferring to go for capacity over performance when buying a new computer.  Like what Seagate mentioned and according to iTnews, only a small number of customers get an SSD for their laptop. Continue reading »


The well known HDD manufacturer Seagate has made a general announcement that SSDs are not worth building a NAND flash fabrication plant for, which means that while Seagate may produce SSD products, it will instead focus heavily on mass producing hard disks including its hybrid disk solution. Continue reading »


Transcend has upgraded its line of SSDs, with improved read and write rates of 260MB/s and 240MB/s, respecitvely.  With random IOPS performancing playing a major role in HDDs, Transcend did not skimp here either with random read/write speeds of 40MB/s and 27MB/s, respectively.  Traditional hard disks barely managed 1MB/s to 2MB/s random 4KB read/write. Continue reading »


OCZ Technology was once a manufacturer best known for DRAM memory module products, but ever since it entered the SSD market, its SSD range has been a major success, to the point where it saw a 325% increase in its revenues for its SSD business in Q3 2011 compared with the previous year.
Continue reading »


A range of high performance SSDs have been unveiled at this year’s CES from various manufacturers, including OCZ, Micron, Pliant, Toshiba and LSI all aiming to grab the attention of serious PC builders. Continue reading »


Happy new year everyone :-)

With the turn of 2011, I decided to flick the switch on this website back on.  With me still keeping a close eye on the news, if I come across something worth writing about, I’ll do so here.  However, I’ll unlikely be posting lengthy multiple paragraph articles like I use to.  To be honest, this website gets just a handful of hits per day, even before I took it offline back in July 2010.

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