Mushkin Enhanced, has become another manufacturer to take on the new Sandforce SF-1200 controller, releasing its Callisto series of solid state drives.  This new series claims read and write speeds of up to 285MB/s and 275MB/s, just shy of the SATA2′s bandwidth limitation.  Continue reading »


OCZ, well known for its wide range of solid state drives, has partnered with LSI to gain access to LSI’s MegaRAID controllers.  They have put together a range of 2.5″ SSDs that qualify for use with LSI’s MegaRAID controllers, to become its new Intrepid series, a new range of SSDs targeted at the enterprise market. Continue reading »


Western Digital, which makes the world’s fastest SATA hard disks, has announced that it does not intend bringing out 15,000 RPM 2.5″ drives, despite competitors with such drives using an SAS interface and Western Digital leading the market for small form factor (2.5″) shipments. Continue reading »


A North Carolina University scientist, Dr. Jay Narayan, has developed a new chip that has the potential to store many times the storage of an equivalent size NAND chip through the use of magnetic nanodots as small as 6nm in size.  Each nanodot can be polarised to represent a binary ’0′ or ’1′ depending on the polarity. Continue reading »


With SSD’s current high cost per gigabyte, it makes sense to use a combination of an SSD and HDD in a desktop, where the SSD is used for the most disk intensive applications such as the OS and software.  With the wide range of SSDs now available, ZDNet takes a look at five popular SSDs to see how they compare against each other as a boot disk. Continue reading »


The Kingston SSDNow V series feature the lowest SSD price per gigabyte in many shops, especially with the 128GB model going for under $2/€2 per GB in some stores, but how do they perform in real life?  Techgage finds out with their in-depth review of the Kingston SNV425 SSDNow V Series 128GB. Continue reading »


Corsiar has now added two more drives to its Nova line-up, which they launched in February.  These include a V32 32GB model targetted as a low cost high performance OS boot drive and a high capacity V256 256GB model for users who need additional high speed storage space, such as for multi-track audio recordings or in laptops which do not have space for a hard disk as a second drive. Continue reading »


Under ConstructionAt the time this website was set up, we set up on the domain due to the dot com domain not being available at the time.  As we don’t have the funding resources to backorder domains being a commercial free website, we decided to just keep a quiet eye on it and to our surprise, it recently became available to register.  As domains ending in ‘.com’ are generally easier to remember and some people occasionally do the mistake of typing ‘.com’ as the extension instead of the proper extension, we decided to move over to the new domain. Continue reading »


According to Fudzilla and Softpedia, OCZ plans launching a range of USB 3.0 SSDs in May, the OCZ Enyo, which will feature a slimline case with a USB 3.0 Micro B connection and capacities of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.  Continue reading »


Up until recently, if you were looking for top speed MLC based SSDs, Indilix was the way to go.  This all changed recently with the new Sandforce controllers, with the major SSD manufacturers releasing new higher speed SSDs that use a SandForce Controller.  G.Skill is now the latest to launch a new SSD line based on the Sandforce SF-1200, the Phoenix series of SSDs. Continue reading »

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