A-DATA, a fairly well known manufacturer of high speed SDHC cards and flash memory, has announced its new S599 series of SSDs, featuring the latest SF-1200 SandForce controller.  The SSDs feature an impressive read and write of 280MB/s and 270MB/s respectively, based on their figures from the ATTO benchmark software. Continue reading »


As most computer professionals know, cache is a very effective way of speeding up hard disk performance in PCs and servers by storing frequent read (and write) operations.  So operators of busy file and web servers often put as much RAM as they can afford or which the server can take for additional cache space.  Adaptec has announced its own caching card, the MaxIQ, which uses an Intel X25-E Extreme SLC solid state drive (SSD) instead of RAM for the cache and coding ideas licensed by Microsoft that covers using SSDs for read caching.  Continue reading »


For the serious SSD freaks that want to get high throughput without the expensive of a PCIe SSD, a user called Burnsama on the MyCE forums shows what it is like putting two Intel 80GB X25M SSDs in RAID0.   Continue reading »


According to industry sources on DigiTimes, Kingston’s entry level low cost SSDs have reached almost 30,000 shipments so far this month and the sources expect the low-capacity SSD market to increase with dual-drive PCs, which are PCs with an SSD for the OS and applications and HDD for the user data. Continue reading »


Plexter is a well known respected company when it comes to optical drives, especially for their reliability, capabilities and aftersales service.  Just recently, they entered the SSD market and this review looks at the 128GB model, the Plextor PX-128M1S. Continue reading »


TweakTown has carried out a detailed review of the Corsair’s latest SSD drive, the Corsair F100.  This SSD features a SandForce controller with a whopping 285MB/s sequential read and 275MB/s sequential write. Continue reading »


While TRIM solves the original issue of SSDs slowing down over time, up until now, anyone who has been using a RAID setup was unable to make use of TRIM.  Intel has now released its new Rapid Storage Technology driver which overcomes the issue in at least some of its Intel motherboards. Continue reading »


Active Media Products has launched a combination eSATA & USB SSD which features a read and write throughput of 100MB/s and 55MB/s respectively and a capacity choice of 16GB or 32GB. Continue reading »


Kingston Technology Europe expects a significant regional growth in its revenues and unit sales this year, after a 17% growth in 2009 despite the economic crisis.  Their revenue growth was helped by the general rise in Flash pricing, which is the type of storage used by SSDs. Continue reading »


Most people get put off by the high cost of SSDs without realising that they don’t actually need a large SSD to store all their data.  A small SSD coupled with a large capacity HDD would suit most user’s needs.  This guide covers choosing an SSD, preparing for the OS installation/cloning, choosing what data to put on the SSD and maintaining peak performance. Continue reading »

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