RunCore, a company which specialises in SSD products for consumers, industrial products, enterprise and defense told us that they will be displaying their latest SSD offerings at CeBIT 2012, the world’s largest IT fair in Hannover, Germany.  They will be located in Hall 11, Booth A11-1-5-1 from the 6th to the 10th of March. Continue reading »


This has been a rather exciting and busy week for SSD reviews with the Vertex 3 being the main highlight of the week, with at least 10 reviews published on the 24th February, some including a detailed article on the SandForce interface itself such as MyCE, PC perspective and AnandTech. Continue reading »


This week is once again an exciting time for SSD reviews with the main highlight being the Vertex 3 Pro, one of the first to feature the Sandforce SF-2582 controller.  Several previews have been posted already by AnandTech, Legit Reviews and PC Perspective, so expect more including full reviews to come over the coming week. Continue reading »


This week has been a relatively quiet week for SSD reviews with just five that we came across since last Friday.  Four of the drives reviewed use the SandForce SF-1200 series controller, showing just how much of an interest there is in SSDs powered by this controller. Continue reading »


RunCore has announced a rather unusual SSD/USB SuperSpeed upgrade targeted at laptop owners – The RunCore Express Card SSD featuring 64GB of capacity and two USB 3.0 ports and can function as an external drive.  Continue reading »


In the past, we wrote a story for each review we announced, but with the ever increasing number of SSD reviews being published on a wide range of hardware websites, we have now decided to collect the links and announce these each Friday in a story that we call SSD Reviews Friday.  All the full reviews listed here include benchmarks and some also include real world tests. Continue reading »


According to Fudzilla and Softpedia, OCZ plans launching a range of USB 3.0 SSDs in May, the OCZ Enyo, which will feature a slimline case with a USB 3.0 Micro B connection and capacities of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.  Continue reading »


While eBay is generally a way to get a great bargain such as cheap compatible batteries, it’s also plagued with fake goods with flash pen drives and memory cards being a very serious problem now.  Like imitations of branded clothing and footwear, these imitation flash drives look very realistic, including the shrink-wrapped packaging and appear to work fine at a first glance.  However, they usually end up costing the unsuspecting users far more than the cost of the drive! Continue reading »


The consumer electronics giant Samsung has announced the production of 32-gigabit MLC NAND, produced using the 20nm fabrication, making them the first to use 20nm fabrication.  So far other companies including Intel/Micron and Toshiba have only been talking about it. Continue reading »


As most computer professionals know, cache is a very effective way of speeding up hard disk performance in PCs and servers by storing frequent read (and write) operations.  So operators of busy file and web servers often put as much RAM as they can afford or which the server can take for additional cache space.  Adaptec has announced its own caching card, the MaxIQ, which uses an Intel X25-E Extreme SLC solid state drive (SSD) instead of RAM for the cache and coding ideas licensed by Microsoft that covers using SSDs for read caching.  Continue reading »

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