With plenty of time to spare today, I decided to quickly set up a WAMP server in a Virtual PC environment running Windows XP and tried to see if I could replicate this issue.  After spending a couple of hours trying to find the magic combination of WordPress updates between 2.9.2 (my original version) and version 3.1, the categories always worked fine once I landed on version 3.1. Continue reading »


As some may have noticed a few weeks ago, the categories drop-down menu links and certain links throughout this website including tags stopped working, all giving an “Error 404 – Not found” issue.  From some quick tests in the control panel, this issue only occurred when I enabled custom permalinks for blog posts.  Continue reading »


According to preliminary data, OCZ Technology is expected to report record revenue of $64 Million for its fiscal 4th quarter, ending February 28th 2011, a near 100% increase over its $32.4 million revenue reported during its previous fiscal 4th quarter last year. Continue reading »


When the first SandForce powered SSDs hit the market, SandForce was completely unheard of and have now stormed the SSD Market.  Benchmark Reviews has posted an overview of the new SandForce SF-2000 SSD series, with a detailed table comparing each model of the new series against the earlier SF-1000 series.    Continue reading »


Happy new year everyone :-)

With the turn of 2011, I decided to flick the switch on this website back on.  With me still keeping a close eye on the news, if I come across something worth writing about, I’ll do so here.  However, I’ll unlikely be posting lengthy multiple paragraph articles like I use to.  To be honest, this website gets just a handful of hits per day, even before I took it offline back in July 2010.


A-DATA, a fairly well known manufacturer of high speed SDHC cards and flash memory, has announced its new S599 series of SSDs, featuring the latest SF-1200 SandForce controller.  The SSDs feature an impressive read and write of 280MB/s and 270MB/s respectively, based on their figures from the ATTO benchmark software. Continue reading »


Under ConstructionOver the coming days as I get more posts made here, I aim to customise the layout a bit better to hopefully make it look nice.  To keep it clean, this website will remain ad-free and banner-free unless it comes to the point where I cannot afford the bandwidth costs.  Continue reading »

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