Some may or may not remember the user DoMiN8ToR at MyCE, he’s the original founder of CD Freaks, which rebranded as MyCE a few years ago.  With him now the new owner, I’ve been invited back, which I’ve accepted.  For any further press releases/news I receive, I’ll write about them at MyCE.

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I originally left last November between the all the changes that were made to the site that I didn’t get on with, topped off with a final tipping point incident (don’t ask.)  In fact, I started this blog in 2010 to start my transition away from MyCE.

I’m glad about this change of ownership and to be back again as a result, especially after most of their staff contacted me by e-mail, MSN, etc. wondering if I’d come back, as well as all as countless people contacting me welcoming me back afterwards.

For anyone who still happens to check this blog, this is probably going to be the last story here.  I’ll continue helping out on The SSD Review forum, but I’m very unlikely going to have the spare time I use to for writing articles on this blog.

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