MyCE published an in-depth review of OCZ’s latest SSD, the Vertex 4, with its Indilinx Everest 2 controller claiming to handle up to 85K 4K IOPS and 120K maximum IOPS. This SSD sure sets a milestone, unaffected by data compressibility or shallow queue depths and probably the first SATA based SSD to score in excess of 1100 in AS SSD without RAID.

As with Dee’s other reviews, she has carried out extensive real world testing including small/large file handling, single drive copy tests, boot/application performance and software installation timings. The review also includes their proprietary MyCE Reality Suite where throughput is measured at the port level during scripted heavy multitasking tests.

To see how the SSD performs against rivals such as the Vertex 3 & Intel 520, please check out the review.

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