Let’s start with a few quick synthetic benchmarks with the SSD in my desktop PC:

OCZ Vertex Plus 120GB ATTO Benchmark Test

OCZ Vertex Plus 120GB CrystalDiskMark Benchmark

OCZ Vertex Plus 120GB AS SSD Benchmark

While the 4K read/write tests are far behind most modern SSDs, it’s worth noting that these are still much higher than even the fastest hard disks on the market. So even as a desktop HDD upgrade, these should give a dramatic boost in performance. It’s also worth noting that the difference between this SSD and the fastest SSDs would be barely noticeable to most consumers who don’t do any heavy multi tasking or carry out disk intensive tasks.

H2TestW Data corruption test

Before I proceed with the Netbook tests, one concern I had with this SSD is a data loss issue I saw reported in user reviews on Amazon. This issue is reported to be fixed in firmware v1.55, but as this SSD was supplied with firmware v1.5, I decided to run the H2TestW utility, which completely fills up the drive with random data and reads it back to check for any data corruption.

I then ran it a second time, but again without any issue. So this time I fully switched off the PC for a short while, booted it up and just ran the Verify process. Again this passed without any issue:

OCZ Vertex Plus 120GB H2testw data integrity test

For curiosity, I ran the CrystalDiskMark test once more and despite two complete fillings in a row, the SSD is at least as quick as out of the box:

OCZ Vertex Plus 120GB CrystalDiskMark benchmark after two fills

To be on the safe side I upgraded the firmware to v1.55, which was easily done using OCZ’s boot CD firmware update. Basically, to carry out this process, the SATA port must first be set to IDE mode in the BIOS with AHCI disabled, then boot the CD and follow the steps to apply the firmware update. Finally the SATA port must be set back to native mode with AHCI enabled in the BIOS.

  1. Introduction
  2. Synthetic tests
  3. Dell Inspiron Mini 10v
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