The SSD Review has sent in two review announcements, one of the AData S510 SATA 3 120GB 2.5″ internal SSD and another of their first exclusive look at the Super Talent PCIe 200GB SSD, an enterprise class drive. 

Like the AData S511, the S510 model uses the same high performance SandForce SF-2281 and sATA3 interface, the difference is the type of NAND flash they use.  The S511 uses higher performance ‘sync’ NAND, while the S510 uses cheaper ‘async’ NAND, which has a lower performance rating when handling incompressible data such as video.  How does this perform compared to the S511?,  Well, head to the review.

The Super Talent Upstream PCIe 200GB SSD is a prototype SSD that is currently having some final tweaking down by Super Talent, so it is not released yet.  This SSD features 4 x SandForce SF-1200 SSD processors using 32 x 25nm 8GB async NAND modules, giving a total 256GB RAW capacity.  Being targeted at the enterprise market, this SSD uses 28% over-provisioning, giving a total user-addressable capacity of 200GB.  The 4 SSD processors are interfaced using the LSI 1064e SATA RAID controller.  It may be outside your price range, but if you’re an SSD freak, it doesn’t cost anything to drool over its first impressions;-)

If all goes well, I should be back to some more regular posting here; I’ll explain later.

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