Over the past few couple of weeks, most of the reviews were focusing on a few specific SSDs such as the Intel 510, OCZ Vertex 3 and the Crucial M4.  This week, there is finally a nice variety of reviews including a Corsair Force F40, Memoright FTM-25, Silicon Power V20 and even a few USB3 flash drives. 

Two reviews included from last week were announced at Benchmark Reviews, a review website worth keeping an eye on as they tend to announce affiliate SSD (and other) reviews not usually indexed by meta-news crawlers such as Google News.  One thing I sure miss is the good old days where most review websites had many affiliates regularly announced their affiliate reviews (not just SSD).

Since I started this “SSD Reviews Friday” series, I am not aware of any website that carries out SSD reviews other than Benchmark Reviews that still announces reviews carried out on third party websites.  Most now use Twitter and Facebook for their announcements instead of the good old days of making friends with third party news/review websites to become affiliates.

The following are the SSD reviews published since our last reviews Friday:


  • Real World – Includes real world tests, such as boot, app launch, file copy, etc. timings.
  • Sim – Simulated real world tests, such as replay of read/write traces.
  • Trim – Review looks at the SSD’s TRIM performance.
  • SATA3 – SSD features an SATA 3.0 6Gbps interface.
  • USB3 – External SSD that has a USB3 interface
  • Pen – USB flash drive, but with SSD-like performance.
  • Short – Quick review, similar in size to a typical magazine review

If you came across an SSD review over the past week not listed, please let us know!

We’re not on Facebook and as for the blue bird, …  kitty ate it. ;-)

So please check back next Friday for the next round of reviews. :-)

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