Kingston has finally taken on the SandForce SSD processor with the launch of its new HyperX SSDs, featuring the SandForce SF-2281 SATA3 processor using Intel 25nm Compute NAND and in capacities of 120GB and 240GB.

The HyperX features read throughputs of 525MB/s sustained or up to 95K Random 4K IOPS and write throughputs of 480MB/s sustained or up to 70K Random 4K IOPS (60K for 120GB model).  The Intel 25nm Compute NAND used in these SSDs is capable of 5000 Program Erase operations, a 60% increase over competing 25nm NAND.

Up until now, most SandForce based SSDs were sold with a choice of two fixed over-provisioning levels, where an SSD with 128GB of NAND would give either 100GB or 120GB of user capacity depending on the model purchased.  The HyperX SSDs have user-configurable over provisioning, allowing the user to increase the spare are for greater performance/life or the user space for additional storage capacity.

Further information inclduing photographs from the Computex event showing benchmarks can be viewed in this VR-Zone article.

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