OCZ Technology plans to demonstrate its first hybrid storage device at the upcoming Computex show, which will be its first device to combine a hard disk with NAND flash memory.  This is an unusual move for OCZ with it previously committing itself to SSDs only.

So far there is little information about its hybrid drive, but it is expected to be from the RevoDrive family with a PCIe interface.  It is unclear at this time whether it will be supplied with a hard drive or if the user can use their own hard disk, but the card is expected to work like other hybrid SSD/HDD solutions, where the NAND will cache frequently accessed data to provide SSD-like performance, but with the large capacity of a hard disk.

OCZ also plans to showcase its new VCA enabled, Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSD series, featuring up to 2.7GB/s and 330,000 random 4K write IOPS, claiming to deliver the fastest random 4K write performance of any SSD available today.  It makes use of the new low cost Sync Mode 20nm NAND flash technology and will be targeted at enterprise and datacenter use.

Further information can be found in this source X-Bit Laboratories article.

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