With OCZ’s recent launch of its Vertex 3 max IOPS SSD, there are three reviews published at this time of writing.  This SSD aims to improve upon the original flagship SATA3 Vertex 3 claiming up to 75,000 random write IOPS.  The current reviews include replay traces to simulate heavy real world use as well as the usual AS SSD and CDM tests. KitGuru’s review also includes Windows start-up and application launch timings, comparing it with other drives.

Due to the higher cost typically associated with SATA3 drives, some enthusiasts looking for an SSD would be just as happy with an SATA2 SSD, especially since the performance difference with SATA3 vs SATA2 SSDs is tiny compared with the performance gained by moving from the fastest hard disk to any recent SATA2 SSD.  Patriot is aiming at these consumers looking for the best bang for their buck with their latest Torqx 2 SSD, featuring up to 270MB/s read and 230MB/s write with its Phison controller and 128MB cache.  Reviews have been carried out by TweakTown and The SSD Review, but no reviews with real world tests at this time.

The following are other SSD reviews published since our last reviews Friday:


  • Real World – Includes real world tests, such as boot, app launch, file copy, etc. timings.
  • Sim – Simulated real world tests, such as replay of read/write traces.
  • Trim – Review looks at the SSD’s TRIM performance.
  • eSATA – External SSD with an eSATA interface
  • SATA3 – SSD features an SATA 3.0 6Gbps interface.
  • USB – External SSD that has a USB2 interface
  • Short – Quick review, similar in size to a typical magazine review
  • Preview – A partial / quick hands-on review, full review may come later.

If you came across an SSD review over the past week not listed, please let us know! ;-)

Please check back next Friday for the next round of reviews.

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