Texas Memory Systems (TMS), a company specialising in high speed storage and has the trademark “World’s Fastest Storage®” has introduced its RanSan-70, a 900GB half-length PCIe x8 card, utilising Toshiba’s newest 32nm SLC flash.

The RanSan-70 claims to deliver up to 330K IOPS and up to 2GB/s of bandwidth, three times that of its previous models.  It features TMS’ new Series-7 Flash Controller, which is based on Xilinx FPGAs with a PowerPC processor and allows the card to perform all its Flash management functions without the use of the host CPU.

So far no pricing information has been announced, but it is expected to become available in 4 to 8 weeks based on its press release.  With a 900GB capacity using SLC NAND, this card is obviously targeted at enterprise use, such as in a very busy database server or terminal server, so expect to see a premium price tag on this.

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