Forget the superstition, grab a cuppa and get set for some SSD review reading, as you’ll be happy to know that SSD reviews have picked up again this week. ;-)   With the announcement of Intel’s new 311 SSD and reviewers getting their hands on motherboards featuring the Z68 chipset, this week there have been a few taking a look at how well this cache solution performs.  AnandTech also tested it along with the 40GB Corsair F40 and Benchmark Reviews tested the Intel 311 SSD on its own.

Unlike the reviews we have seen of the Seagate Momentus, this SSD based cache gave benchmark results much like benchmarking the SSD only with the Z68 acceleration operating in “Maximized mode”, giving the impression that the massive hard disk capacity was an SSD, at least with the CrystalDiskMark results.  Even in enhanced mode, the read results were very impressive.

One thing worth noticing is that when synthetic benchmarks are carried out on this type of setup, the synthetic tests will generally only read the data it has written.  So if the system is caching everything the synthetic tests have written (which it appears to be doing in these tests), the results are going to look much better than in the real-world where the user will read files that are seldomly read or if more than the SSD cache size is frequently read such as in a busy server.

The following are two reviews we came across that specifically benchmark the SSD based caching with the Z68 platform:

The following are other SSD reviews published since our last reviews Friday:


  • Real World – Includes real world tests, such as boot, app launch, file copy, etc. timings.
  • Script – Real world tests conducted by script, such as multitasking.
  • Sim – Simulated real world tests, such as replay of read/write traces.
  • SATA3 – SSD features an SATA 3.0 6Gbps interface.
  • USB3 – External SSD that has a USB3 interface
  • Short – Quick review, similar in size to a typical magazine review
  • Preview – A partial / quick hands-on review, full review may come later.

If you came across an SSD review over the past week not listed, please let us know!

Please check back next Friday for the next round of reviews. :-)

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