OCZ Technology Group, well known for its high-performance SSDs, has announced its new line-up of Agility 3 and Solid 3 SATA3 SSDs and published products sheets including AS SSD results.  These are targeted at enthusiasts looking for high performance SSDs without the cost associated with the Vertex 3 series.

Like the Vertex 3, both the Agility 3 and Solid 3 range feature the new SandForce SF-2281 SSD processor, have a 6Gbps SATA3 interface and a 3-year warranty.  The Agility 3 range delivers up to 525MB/s reading, 500MB/s writing and up to 60,000 Random 4K write IOPS.  The Solid 3 range delivers up to 500MB/s reading, 450MB/s writing and up to 20,000 random 4K write IOPS.

The following are the OCZ AS SSD benchmark results for the Agility 3 and Solid 3 series provided by OCZ Technology in their product sheets:

It is nice to see OCZ publishing AS SSD results, considering most manufacturers just publish ATTO results to market the peak read/write figures, which can only be achieved with highly compressible data and ATTO does not show random IOPS performance either.  Hopefully once these hit the shops that there will be a greater difference in pricing than the first and second Agility/Solid series.  For example, when I bought an OCZ Vertex 2 120GB, the shop was selling it for the about the same price as the OCZ Agility 2 120GB!

Further information in the press release and also on their official Agility 3 and Solid 3 webpages.

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