This has been a rather exciting and busy week for SSD reviews with the Vertex 3 being the main highlight of the week, with at least 10 reviews published on the 24th February, some including a detailed article on the SandForce interface itself such as MyCE, PC perspective and AnandTech.

All reviewers appear to have received the same engineering Vertex 3 sample, which is a 240GB SSD featuring the new SandForce SF-2281 SSD processor, capable of delivering up to 500MB/s and Random 4K transfers up to 60,000 IOPS read and write.  The reviews below flagged with “(Article)” go into detail about the SSD processor including various block diagrams.

OCZ Vertex 3 240GB – 24th February 2011(Beta) (Previews) (SATA 6Gbps)

  1. PC Perspective(Article) (Real World)
  2. MyCE(Article) (Real World) (Script)
  3. Hardware Heaven(Real World)
  4. Storage Review
  5. Anand Tech(Article) (Script)
  6. The SSD Review
  7. Pure Overclock
  8. OverClock Intelligence Agency
  9. The Guru of 3D
  10. Legit Reviews(Real World)

TheSSDReview published a review of a rather unusual SSD that closely resembles a RAM module, which physically plugs into a RAM slot.  While it is powered by the slot, it actually connects by SATA, so basically it works much like a regular SATA SSD, but has the advantage of being as easy and quick to install as a RAM module.

The following are other SSD reviews published since our last Review Friday:


  • Preview – Not a complete review; a full review may be due later
  • Beta – Pre-release product, results may differ from once it is finalised.
  • Real World – Includes real world tests, such as boot-up, file copy, etc. timings
  • Script – In-house real world testing conducted by scripts
  • USB – Drive is an USB external SSD
  • Pen – SSD resembles a Pen drive
  • PCIe – SSD is a PCI Express card
  • SATADIMM – Installs in a RAM module slot

If you came across an SSD review over the past week not listed, please let us know!

Please check back next Friday for the next round of reviews. ;-)

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