This week is once again an exciting time for SSD reviews with the main highlight being the Vertex 3 Pro, one of the first to feature the Sandforce SF-2582 controller.  Several previews have been posted already by AnandTech, Legit Reviews and PC Perspective, so expect more including full reviews to come over the coming week.

One thing is for sure, the Vertex 3 Pro is lightning fast.  Even thought it is still being developed (these previews are based on an engineering sample), it has set new records and already makes the Vertex 2 look like yesterday’s technology.  As an enterprise class drive using eMLC NAND in the samples OCZ sent out, this is likely outside the price range of most consumers.  The reviews are certainly worth looking at, considering this is a good indicator of what the consumer version is going to be like, assuming OCZ develops a similar consumer version like the Vertex 2 series.

OCZ Vertex 3 Pro (SandForce SF-2582) 200GB - (SATA III) (Beta)

  1. Anand Tech – 17th February 2011 (Preview) (Real World) (Script)
  2. Legit Reviews – 17th February 2011 (Preview)
  3. PC Perspective – 17th February 2011 (Real World)

The following are other SSD reviews published since our last Review Friday:


  • Preview – Not a complete review; a full review may be due later
  • Beta – Pre-release product, results may differ from once it is finalised.
  • Real World – Test includes real world tests, such as boot-up, file copy, etc. timings
  • Script – In-house real world testing conducted by scripts
  • USB – Drive is an USB external SSD
  • Pen – SSD resembles a Pen drive
  • PCIe – SSD is a PCI Express card
  • mSATA – Mini SATA, requires adapter to fit on a full size SATA port.

If you came across an SSD review over the past week not listed, please let us know!

Please check back next Friday for the next round of reviews. ;-)

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