Dell believes that this is not going to be the year for SSD, with customers preferring to go for capacity over performance when buying a new computer.  Like what Seagate mentioned and according to iTnews, only a small number of customers get an SSD for their laptop.

At present, SSDs are mainly chosen by gamers and enthusiasts who want get the highest performance out of the computer.  So while Dell does not offer any laptop with an SSD as standard, they do provide SSDs as an optional upgrade for its high-end XPS range including the Alienware series.

The two main problems SSDs currently face is high price and low capacity, with Dell’s cheapest SSD model priced at $551 according to iTnews, 10 times the price of HDD per Gigabyte.

Interestingly, SSD adoption reached close to 5% of the total portable PC market according to IDC figures and as anyone watching SSD prices have noticed, SSD prices have started falling, especially towards the end of 2011.   So as IDC predicts, SSDs are expected to take off exponentially over the coming years as prices fall.

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