One of the most affordable ways to move to SSD is to use a small SSD for the OS and applications and a large capacity HDD to hold everything else.  But how do you fit a hard disk and an SSD together in a laptop?  Well, apart from going for a hybrid SSD+HDD, Hitachi has unveiled its HyDrive, which is standard 12.7mm optical drive with a 32GB or 64GB SSD inside.

Unlike a hybrid HDD+SSD, this gives the user a dedicated 32GB to 64GB of SSD for the OS and applications, while also allowing for a separate spacious internal hard disk for bulky data, just like in a desktop configuration.  Hitachi also packs a clever defect management technology in its HyDrive, where it caches data from scratched discs in an aim to eliminate jitters during playback.

The drive features up to 4.8x Blu-ray readback (BD-ROM/-R/-RE), up to 8x DVD recordable read/write, up to 5x DVD-ROM readback and up to 24x CD readback (CD-ROM/-R/-RW).  Its SSD features a sequential write speed of up to 60MB/s, random 4KB speed of up to 6MB/s, a sequential read speed of up to 175MB/s and a random 4KB read speed of up to 28MB/s.

The HDdrive is expected to become available worldwide in September.  The first generation will feature the standard 12.7mm thickness with SATA 3Gbps, which should fit laptops that take the conventional 12.7mm optical drives.  Hitachi plans working on an SATA 6Gbps model and possibly also a slimmer version to fit slimline laptops.

Further information can be read on the news source at The Inquirer and on the Hitachi HyDrive product page.

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