MyCE has carried out an extensive review of the OCZ Vertex 2 100GB SSD, covering the most real-world tests I have seen yet in any SSD review.  To give an idea, synthetic tests only account for 2 of the 9 pages!  Compare this to many other reviews that entirely consist of synthetic tests and others that often just include the odd file copy and boot test for their real-world tests.

Like other SSD reviews, the review starts off with a page of the usual synthetic benchmarks by HD Tune Pro, ATTO disk benchmark, CrystalDiskMark 3.0 and AS SSD.  The next page covers IOMeter, which use customised worker threads including 4KB, 512KB and workstation simulation.

The next three pages cover real-world tests with the first covering application & game loading benchmarks.  The second page looks at everyday tasks such as copying small/large files including folders, boot/shutdown timings, software installations and single drive copying.

New to this review is the MyCE Reality Suite, which involves a creating a filtered trace of the activity on the SATA port the drive is attached to.  This method appears to be totally unique to MyCE as they state that their testing method is under NDA.  They claim this gives much more consistent measurements than other methods such as Windows 7′s performance monitor, HD Tune Pro Disk monitor and so on.

How does the drive perform and stand up against other popular SSDs?  Read the in-depth review here.

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