IM Flash Technologies, a joint venture between Intel and Micron for NAND production have announced that they have started mass production of 25nm NAND flash this week, producing 8GB NAND chips which measure just 167mm squared.

With each generation of shrinking the production size, manufacturers can fit more components in the same form factor, which for NAND means higher capacity NAND chips.  So far while other manufacturers have announced improved reductions in the production size, few have actually started mass production of any products using the new process.

Just a few months after the debut, Intel has now declared that same 25 nanometer memory ready for shipment, meaning that it’s ready to make an impact in the market. Larger capacity memory products, here we come.

Starting this week, Intel-Micron Flash Technologes are in mass production of the 25 nanometer NAND Flash, and volume shipments have commenced. That makes IMFT the first to “sample, and now to ship in production, 25nm NAND using the world’s smallest, most advanced manufacturing process technology.”

Source: Hot Hardware

This 25nm NAND is expected to be used in Solid State Drives as well as other flash based storage such as USB pen drives, SD cards and so on.  It’s unclear at this time if this will have any impact on NAND pricing.

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